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Greetings to all my fellow IIM members, professionals and friends of IIM. Metallurgy is one of the ancient arts and sciences in India. In my view metallurgy is a combination of art with technology. Hence it has such long and oldest history. We are all aware that so many industries started with simple metallurgical based concepts and in long run they became heavy industries. Our Nava Bharat is not exception.
The world’s average forty percent economy is ruled by metallurgical Industries. We are very fortunate that we have an international reputed platform for metallurgical community to bring together in technological aspects is INDIAN INSTITUTE OF METALS .We can utilize IIM chapter to solve various metallurgical issues and sharing the recent innovations among the members. We conduct the seminars, workshops, technical quizzes for the members to inspire and rejuvenate the skills of the metallurgical engineers.
Eventually I emphasize that all the members from Nava bharat ventures, NMDC, Singareni collieries and Govt Polytechnic Kothagudem to transform prudent Metallurgists by participating in all events conducted by the Indian Institute of Metals Paloncha chapter.

Shri Y.Sreenivasa Murthy

B.E., M.B.A


Shri V.V.Ramana Rao

M.Tech (Met. Engg)

I take this opportunity to unite the entire metallurgists who are working in different platforms and industries near by us,To discuss various metallurgical issues and its solutions. Besides we create technical awareness among the metallurgical students by conducting seminars, workshops and technical quiz's.
Our metallurgical community must take the lead in promoting and educating the science and technology of metals and alloys. The faster we lead the faster will be the growth of our country. We need to live up to the expectations and needs of billion people, maintaining the art of our ancient artisans.


The objective of this chapter is “Sharing the knowledge through debates and discussions.” Indian Institute of Metals Paloncha chapter was started in 1983.It had been functioned till 2010.After that the chapter was stopped its activities till 2016 due to one or more reasons. Since September 2016 it has been working effectively by conducting various workshops and seminars on quarter and annual basis. This chapter consists of a considerable fifty eight composite members. Indian Institute of Metals Paloncha chapter is driving the members from M/S NAVA BHARAT VENTURES LIMITED, M/S NMDC LIMITED, PALONCHA and M/S SINGARENI COLLORIES COMPANY LIMITED, GOVT.POLYTECNIC COLLEGE, KOTHAGUDEM.


team member 1

N.Sureshchander Rao

Metallurgist with 28 years expertise in Ferro Alloy Production.

team member 1


Sr.Manager with 20 years expertise in Metallurgical Processes.

team member 1

P.Sudhakar Choudary

Sr.Manager with 25 years expertise in Research & Development.

team member 1

V.V.Ramana Rao

Sr.Manager with 17 years rich experience in Ferro Alloy Production.

team member 1

Nishant Topno

Metallurgist with 10 years rich experience in Metallurgical Processes.